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In times of uncertainty, there will always be fear-mongers who try to stir up emotions and to create chaos with various motives.  Fear is rarely the answer. Positive action will move us forward.  We understand the gravity of the pandemic.  We also understand that at risk individuals are most likely at risk due to compromised immune systems.

Conditions and activities that can compromise the immune system include:  Diabetes, autoimmune disorders, multiple medications including repeated coursed of antibiotics and immunosuppressive medications, cardiovascular disease, smoking and respiratory disease, poor diet, lack of exercise, and inability to deal with various stress.  According to a Harvard Medical School publication, nutrition plays a significant role in supporting the immune system, especially for those with underlying chronic conditions, and over the age of 60. Here are some stats that I think are critical to share with you:

Over 80% of the immune system resides in the GI tract:  Johns Hopkins Gastroenterologist Gerard Mullin claims that the key to strong immunity is good gut health, including the liver.  With aging, our natural body functions “slow down, and need to stimulated properly. Poor diet worsens this malfunction.

Exercise doesn’t just strengthen muscles and the heart:  Physical activity helps flush bacteria and viruses our of the lungs, increases antibody levels and our white blood cells, which help fight off disease, increases body temperature which fights invading bugs and stimulates stress-fighting hormones which support our immune systems.

Taking control of your health reduces stress hormones: Acute and chronic stress both worsen poor health by producing large amounts of stress hormones which progressively weaken our immunity, and make us vulnerable.

Gaining the knowledge necessary to take back control of your health is the first step in turning these stress hormones off.

You can start on this healthy pathway by making the decision to live with hope, courage, and purpose, rather than giving in to the chaos and fear.  This means taking action and being proactive.  This pandemic will eventually “burn out”, but we know that a similar situation is likely in the future, and as with all viral illnesses, these come in seasonal or yearly cycles.

Life is too short and precious to simply survive.  Life is worth living, being optimistic about the future, and seeking to thrive at your full potential.  My team and I have a real passion and purpose to guide you to this goal, either in person or virtuallyMake health your purpose, for your sake and the sake of your loved ones.  Call our office to make an appointment with me for a free 15 minute Discovery Call, during which you can discuss your health concerns, uncover possible chronic conditions, and how we might be able to help you reach your goal, in order to resist the next health challenge with confidence. This is so important to me that I've set aside dedicated time on my calendar for these visits over the next couple of weeks. You can schedule as earlier as this week by calling (732) 254 - 1003 or by visiting

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