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Elite Digestive and Integrative Healthcare offers a unique approach to wellness. Our goal is to identify and correct the root cause of illness, optimize function and slow down the aging process. This is achieved by integrating conventional medicine with functional medicine - personalized healthcare that focuses on genetics, biochemistry and lifestyle of the patient. As a Gastroenterologist and Functional Medicine Physician, Dr. Allan Plumser is able to combine the best of both worlds!

As a Functional Medicine Physician, Dr. Plumser helps answer the following questions for his patients:

Why do I have this problem?
How can I restore function?
Why can’t I lose weight?
How can I slow down or prevent diseases as I get older?

Dr. Allan Plumser, our Medical Director does not mask symptoms with medication. He does not offer the same cookie-cutter treatment plan to all patients. He does take the time to listen, to understand and answer questions. 

When someone comes in for a consultation, there is often frustration, sometimes depression and doubt - along with symptoms. It is vital for each patient to be able to tell his/her story - all of it. By understanding the journey, testing and treatments already tried and failed, a successful outcome often results. 

Providing you with the best team for the best care!

Plumser HS (2).png
Dr. Allan Plumser
Medical Director
Functional Medicine Physician

As a leading wellness expert and mentor, Dr. Allan Plumser continues to devote his life to helping people reclaim their health by treating the root cause of disease and empowering them to make healthy lifestyle choices. The evolution of Elite Digestive and Integrative Healthcare of East Brunswick encompasses over thirty years of training, research and successful patient outcomes.

Kim LoSacco
Health Coach/Fitness Director

Kimberly LoSacco attended Rutgers University. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Linguistic Disorders. Over the last twenty years, Kim has helped thousands of people improve their quality of life. Her passion is to customize a realistic fitness program that helps motivate clients to reach and exceed their goals. Kim celebrates with her clients as they take small steps forward on the road to better health. Proper technique and instruction with hands-on care are key to fitness success.

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