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On Health and Longevity

What is the foundation of health and longevity?

We often hear about improving our quality of life, being healthy, and living longer.

It seems that living longer (or longevity) has attracted the most attention when it comes to research.

Millionaires, and billionaires who are hoping to live longer, are pursuing their own research on longevity. The results of these protected, and personalized studies discuss what we need to implement to live longer. Some of which are recommendations that have been made public.

As I read through these findings, I find a clear, connection: No matter what methods are being “discovered” to help us extend our lives, it continues to revolve around a common denominator; that is: getting healthy to begin with.

While the “secrets of life” continue to elude us, one thing is quite clear: If you live a healthy life and feel healthy, chances are, you will live, and enjoy life longer.

Therefore, what we have suspected is true: getting and staying healthy (at any age) will increase overall health, happiness, vitality, and longevity.

The rules to live longer, and happier are very simple:

Rule #1 - Eat Well

Food is Medicine.

Rule #2 - Exercise the Mind

"Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body." Joseph Addison

Rule # 3 - Exercise the Body

Daily exercise has whole body benefits.

Rule # 4 - Control Stress

Chronic stress is an epidemic.

Rule # 5 - Proper Nutrition and Supplementation

Whole foods and proper supplementation optimizes an individual's health.

How to achieve this ideal is more difficult... We are constantly bombarded by ads touting the next great supplement. They can’t all work, and for the most part, these things alone do not enhance our lives and longevity.

The only things that can help us to maintain our health and desired lifestyle are quite simply lifestyle modifications.

These modifications begin with:

  • Proper Diet

  • Rest and Relaxation

  • Proper Exercise

At Elite, we teach our clients how to improve their lifestyle to achieve these goals.

With proper coaching, these modifications are easily obtainable, and life lasting.

If you would like more information, or would like to schedule a free telephone consultation with Dr. Allan Plumser:

Contact us at: 732-254-1003

You can find more information about our health and wellness programs at, or follow us on Facebook

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