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A Note from Dr. Plumser About Supplements

Below is a list of immunity-boosting supplements that I frequently recommend to my friends, family and clients. While I share that list and the associated benefits, I also want to mention that supplements are not the answer for all concerns.


I find that many of my clients and patients become focused on what they CAN TAKE to be healthy, rather than what they have to learn to do in order to be truly healthy.


Supplements can augment a diet when deficiencies or specific needs are identified. Herbals have medicinal effects, and need to be used under a physician’s or other health care provider’s guidance. Medical foods can be added to any well balanced diet without risk, but again, do you need these...and what is the purpose?


At Elite Digestive and Integrative Healthcare, an integral part of our health and wellness programs is teaching people how to change their lifestyle. We hope to make our clients understand that what we are doing is optimizing the function of our bodies and balancing all of our hormones and our chemical makeup. Only through this optimization will our bodies work efficiently to, for example, help us to fight off acute, infectious, as well as chronic disease. During this optimization and balancing process, supplements may be needed. If the lifestyle changes become permanent, these same supplements may no longer be necessary.


As you review the list of supplements I recommend below, keep in mind that I have chosen these, as there is science behind their use. There are others that may be useful, but I believe many lack the science to recommend them. If you are interested in purchasing supplements, please see my note about supplement manufacturers. You can access my landing page at Designs for Health by visiting: Shipping is free and if you would like 25% off your first order, you can contact us at (732) 254 - 1003 for a discount code. 

Remember that you don't need to take all of these supplements. Rather, use some of these for protection, and to enhance your health, NOT instead of being healthy.


If you ever have questions about the best supplements for you, we are happy to answer them. I am also now offering a free 15 minute Discovery Call - virtual options available - so that we can talk about your individual health concerns and whether we can help you fix these.

Please call our coordinator Kim at 732 254-1003 to schedule a telephone appointment.


Yours in Health,

Allan Plumser, MD and the team at Elite



A Note on:

There are several reputable supplement manufacturers in the United States, using the purest ingredients, and producing excellent products. As I am most familiar with Designs for Health, any product I reference will be available from that company, and if purchasing from another manufacturer, please compare the ingredients, dosages, and the described uses from that particular company.  Designs for Health can be accessed through their website, but will only sell through physician recommendations. 


3 mg at bedtime will aid sleep and enhance immunity

Explanation:  The FDA will certify that the supplements, etc., listed here, contain what the label claims.  The FDA does not verify that these items will prevent, treat, or reverse any medical condition. The items on the list I have compiled are backed by multiple studies indicating immune system support, anti-viral properties, or general health properties. 


*The following can be used during an active infection with mild symptoms only:

  • Stellar C

  • Zinc Supreme

  • Metabolic Synergy

  • Quercetin and Nettle

  • Green Tea

All other supplements are intended to be used for prevention.

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