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Are you Blue, or in the Blue Zone?

Have people in certain areas of the world figured out the secret to living a longer, and healthier life?

I have recently written about being healthy, living a longer, happier, and more vital life.

(See my recent blog: "On Health and Longevity," and more by browsing the blog section of our website).

Lately, we have been seeing references to the "Blue Zones" around the world. I have frequently referenced populations that seemed to be the healthiest, and have the longest life expectancy. Among these populations, my favorite lifestyles, and health habits include those of the inhabitants of Okinawa, Japan and Icaria, Greece.

A recent article by the Daily Sabah explains these blue zones quite well: (

What sets these populations apart?

The health and happiness of the inhabitants, the number of people living over the age of one hundred years, and most importantly... these individuals are still enjoying and participating in life.

I would refer you to the article linked above which points out that in addition to Okinawa, Japan and Icaria, Greece the other "blue zone" locations include: Sardinia, the Nicoya Penninsula, and our own Lima Linda, California.

[If you are interested in learning more about longevity here, in the U.S.... Men's Health Magezine, over the years has also rated the top healthiest cities in the United States in terms of longevity: (]

Besides life expectancy, what else do these areas have in common?

  1. Vitality, and extended longevity for both men, and women

  2. More years of productivity, and activity

  3. Less dementia

  4. (Most importantly) Happiness, and contentment with life

Additionally, these areas also boast

  • Community support,

  • Minimal stress,

  • Highlight maintaining a purpose in life,

  • A focus on religion,

  • Incorporate mindful and meditative involvement,

  • Proper nutrition,

  • Adequate sleep and rest,

  • Incorporate physical activity

While (in the United States) we measure our physical activity in "steps taken," minutes exercised, length of cardio, and quantity of weights;

the blue zones of the world incorporate movement into their daily lives.

This movement is natural, and continuous such as climbing stairs, walking, dancing, gardening, etc.

We often read about "diets," and health fads. Frequently adopt different habits. And, are inundated by ads for weight loss programs, supplements, medications, and "quick fixes."

By no means is it easy for westerners to incorporate an Okinawan diet, but the basics of healthy nutritious eating habits are the same everywhere:

  • Reduction in red meats,

  • Increase in fish/ seafood,

  • Addition of more fresh produce and natural whole foods,

  • Incorporate healthy grains,

  • And limit inflammatory foods.

(Similar principles to the Mediterranean diet.)

At Elite Wellness, we teach our clients how to modify their lifestyles, and yet maintain and improve upon the things that they enjoy eating, and doing. By making these changes, we are able to promote health, well being, weight loss, reduction in chronic diseases (including obesity, hypertension, diabetes, fatty liver, cardiovascular issues and even susceptibility to cancer.)

Along with this, of course, is improved vitality, ability to achieve your purpose in life, and overall improved enjoyment of life.

For more information, please consider scheduling a free 15- minute phone consultation (Discovery Call) with Dr. Plumser, so that he may hear your health concerns and tell you how our team can help you.

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