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SUPPLEMENTS: Are you Immune?

When I first began investigating supplements in the 1980’s, the industry was valued at about $2 billion dollars worldwide. As of last year, that industry has grown to over $140 billion dollars and expected to continue an annual growth rate exceeding 8% over the next six years! While supplements may be beneficial to help make up for vitamins and nutrients missing from our daily diet, it's important to understand there are adverse effects when taking more than the recommended amount.

Over the past few years supplement manufacturers have ramped up production in the face of the pandemic, especially for those claiming to improve immunity. While the most popular supplements such as vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc may temporarily boost resistance, long term usage does not seem to provide any significant protection. In fact, long term usage may actually lead to an accumulation triggering negative effects on your body (and your wallet!).

If you are looking into supplements, be wary about misleading claims. Oftentimes a supplement that is trending with popularity can quickly become marketed as a new "wonder" treatment with claims such as “FDA approved”. This approval is simply an indicator the supplement in fact contains what it claims to be there. The FDA does not support any claims of benefits unless controlled trials are conducted, and the results proven. Except for rare instances, these trials do not exist as they are very expensive to conduct and take years to complete.

Next time you are choosing a supplement, ask yourself these questions:

"What is the result I am looking for by taking the supplement?

"How long do I anticipate taking it?

"Should I consult with my physician?"

At Elite, we do in fact utilize supplements for targeted purposes as part of our program. Our main priority remains focused on uncovering any underlying issues affecting one's health, before any supplements are recommended. My team and I work directly with each client to create a personalized program designed to teach clients how to prevent chronic issues in the future, and once resolved, very few if any supplements are required.

Getting healthy and staying healthy are the most important things people can do for themselves. Risk factors for COVID-19 and its long-term effects, in addition to many other diseases and conditions, always come down to the most common chronic diseases from which we suffer: overweight and obesity, diabetes, underlying heart, lung and kidney disorders, stress and anxiety, lack of adequate sleep, and chronic gastrointestinal problems. If these issues are not resolved, our immune system cannot protect us the way it is designed to, and in fact, our immune system may actually turn against us, by causing other inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

To learn more about how to permanently boost your immunity and improve your health, we are offering a free, complimentary 15-minute consultation with Dr. Plumser. During this call Dr. Plumser will advise you of any potential underlying chronic disorders, especially those weakening your immunity, based on your current health conditions.

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