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Sugary (Not So) Sweet

I am frequently asked if there was thing I would recommend in order to improve health quickly, what would it be? As a functional physician, it's difficult for me to answer, as I tend to evaluate the unique characteristics impacting an individual, as well as their holistic health.

If I had to make one suggestion, though, it would be to eliminate sugar from your diet.

In fact, this is the very suggestion I made to a couple of my family members recently...and, believe me, I understand the shock that comes along with that thought for some of you!

Let me explain more...

Sugar raises blood sugar, which is turned into triglycerides by the liver. Triglycerides are a major form of fat in the body and are deposited in the liver and arteries. In the liver, the fatty deposits can cause inflammation, a form of hepatitis, which is currently the major cause of cirrhosis in the United States. When triglycerides line the arteries, they also cause heart attacks, strokes and circulation issues.

Sugar is changed chemically in the body, and any sugar not used for energy by muscles and the brain causes a reaction in many tissues, including skin and joints. This leads to arthritis and rapid aging of skin.

Sugar also affects us chemically; hormones are interfered with and vitamins cannot be produced or properly utilized when sugar is elevated.

For example, Vitamin C is impacted, which leads to:

  • problems with the immune system

  • compromised immunity, leading to susceptibility to diseases

  • overactivated immunity, leading to general inflammation and autoimmune disorders

While reduction of sugar intake is part of a proper nutrition program, other changes are necessary, as well. In a functional approach to health, we consider "food as medicine," and good food is better than any medication you can take. By addressing proper dietary choices and combining that with a holistic approach and other lifestyle changes, overall health, longevity and vitality can be permanently improved.

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