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Q & A: Functional Medicine

In a recent Q & A, we sat down with Dr. Plumser and asked him commonly asked questions regarding functional and integrative medicine. During this Q & A we learn what it is, how it works, and how we all can benefit from it. Comment any questions you have down below to be answered in our next Q & A!

Q: What is functional medicine?

A: “Functional medicine is what I believe classical medicine should be. When we use a functional approach, we evaluate all systems in the body, determine what the malfunction or disorders are, and fix all of these at the same time, using a Holistic approach. Only when addressing all health issues at the same time, can we achieve full health and vitality.”

Q: How is functional medicine different from conventional medicine?

A: “Unfortunately, conventional medicine has evolved into a “top down” approach. Physicians have been forced by our current insurance based health care system, to treat acute problems, and symptoms of disease, usually with short term (inexpensive) remedies and medications. Follow- up exams are actually discouraged. When we use a Functional approach, we actually search out and fix the true underlying medical conditions that are causing the symptoms. Only by fixing the underlying and frequently chronic diseases, can we truly remove the symptoms for the long term. This requires a comprehensive, systematic approach.”

Q: Does functional medicine include medication?

A: “My goal in treating people functionally, is to minimize or optimally, be able to discontinue medications. This is accomplished by teaching optimal lifestyle changes, looking closely at what a medication is being used for, and utilizing supplements and natural treatments, which allow our bodies to truly heal. Medication may not be able to be completely withdrawn if medically necessary. However, most of our clients are off of medication, or have greatly reduced their medications and/or dosages, by the end of one of our programs. As part of functional medicine, I also take an integrative approach: utilizing any and all valid methods, modalities, and treatments, in order to achieve full long term health and vitality.”

Q: What can functional medicine treat?

A: “Functional medicine can treat any and all medical conditions. At times, full resolution of the underlying chronic conditions and symptoms are achieved. At the least, the conditions have improved, and people with “incurable” disorders feel better, and enjoy a better quality of life.”

Q: Does functional medicine focus on fitness, and nutrition?

A: “Functional medicine teaches people how to obtain a better quality of life and longevity, by focusing on lifestyle changes designed to resolve or reduce the effects of chronic underlying illness. Proper nutrition is an integral part of this approach, and fitness instruction tailored to an individuals needs and capabilities, improves overall function and when combined, slows the aging process.”

Q: What can I do to make a change in my health towards functional medicine?

A: “At Elite, we have developed a teaching curriculum and structured program, which we personalize to each of our clients’ needs. By utilizing a comprehensive and proactive approach, our clients learn what their underlying conditions are, how they occurred, and we help them to understand what we are doing to fix these, and therefore learn how to control these problems long term. This is a complex process, during which we address all of the pillars of health: nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep and recovery, removing toxins that we are exposed to on a day in, day out basis.”

If you would like to make a change in your health today follow the link below to schedule a 15 minute complimentary discovery call with Dr. Plumser!

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