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Long COVID: What is it? And what can be done for it?

What is Long COVID?

Symptoms lasting weeks, months, or possibly indefinitely, after being infected with acute COVID-19 is otherwise known as "Long COVID."

Estimates over the past year indicate that up to one-third of people who recovered from acute COVID, later developed Long COVID.

These various (now well known) complaints include:

  • Loss/ change in taste, Abdominal Pain, Intestinal Issues

A recent article places this statistic higher, at 60%, as more and more symptoms are being added to the list including:

  • Liver abnormalities, Brain fog, Lung Issues, Heart Problems, Muscle/ Joint Pain, Neuropathy

In my own experience, I have noted that about 60% of long COVID patients in my practice presented with unexpected GI issues.

Long COVID Inflammation

During the acute COVID infection, it has been recognized that a large number of people developed Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome, which affected organs that were not known to be involved early on. This low grade inflammation causes chronic illness, and is associated with progressive damage. Unless treated/ resolved, it is likely that this inflammation will add to chronic disease, accelerated aging, and disability.

As a Functional Gastroenterologist, I am asked if there is anything that can be done to alleviate these symptoms, reverse the chronic inflammation, and stop the deterioration and suffering?

What can be done?

At Elite, by utilizing a broad, holistic, integrative, and comprehensive approach, (a Functional approach) we seek to identify and resolve the true underlying health issues, instead of offering medications for symptom relief. We focus on detoxifying and strengthening these organs, reversing inflammation, and providing nutritional support. We teach our clients how to change their lifestyle in order to allow their bodies to heal naturally. Utilizing this systematic approach, we are able to resolve the underlying issues, symptoms, and ultimately reverse these chronic conditions for good. The best part: our clients learn how to implement these changes for the rest of their lives.

So, if you are suffering from unexplained symptoms, suspect that you have Long COVID, or would like to address other chronic symptoms, please contact us. We are trying to reach as many people as possible, and we are therefore offering a free 15 minute telephone consultation with Dr. Plumser, a Discovery Call, during which you can hear how he and his team may help you.

Follow the link below to schedule your complimentary discovery call:

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