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Immunity-Boosting Supplements

Dr. Plumser's top recommendations for supplements and natural remedies that assist with and enhance your immunity

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Explanation: The FDA will certify that the supplements, etc., listed here, contain what the label claims. The FDA does not verify that these items will prevent, treat, or reverse any medical condition. The items on the list I have compiled are backed by multiple studies indicating immune system support, anti-viral properties, or general health properties. Those on the list that are highlighted in bold print can be used during an active infection with mild symptoms only. The others are for prevention.

There are several reputable supplement manufacturers in the United States, using the purest ingredients, and producing excellent products. As I am most familiar with Designs for Health, any product I reference will be available from that company, and if purchasing from another manufacturer, please compare the ingredients, dosages, and the described uses from that particular company. Designs for Health can be accessed through their website, but will only sell through physician recommendations. You can access my landing page at Designs for Health: and when using this site you will be able to read about any product. Shipping is free via this page, and if you purchase, when checking out please use the discount code: FIRST25 in order to receive a 25% discount on your first order.


  1. Melatonin: 3 mg at bedtime will aid sleep and enhance immunity

  2. L-arginine: Raises nitric oxide, which enhances circulation, and improves immunity

  3. Stellar C: Vitamin C has protective and antiviral properties, and this preparation has other immune-enhancing ingredients

  4. Zinc Supreme: Helps to break down the wall of a virus

  5. Immunoberry: Contains elderberry. There are some reports of heightened immune reactions (cytokine storm) if used while febrile or more severely ill.

  6. Metabolic Synergy: This multivitamin is great for maintaining micronutrients and antioxidants

  7. OmegAvail HiPo: Excellent omega fish oil supplement, anti-inflammatory, and protects lining tissues especially in the GI tract and blood vessels.

  8. Quercetin and Nettle: excellent combination. Quercetin can break down viral walls from the outside, and nettle raises the pH in our cells, making the virus less active, similar in function to quinine. Nettle can also be obtained from Stinging Nettle tea.

  9. Green Tea: Although there are supplements with the active ingredients, simply drinking fresh made green tea is supportive, so I have listed it here

  10. HiPo Emulsi D3: Vitamin D is important to virtually every organ. Vitamin D can especially protect the lining tissue of the lungs, and help prevent the excessive immune inflammation that causes COVID pneumonia. Especially this time of year, our levels are low due to lack of sunshine. Each drop of this supplement will provide 2000 IU of the vitamin. Two drops daily in the evening after dinner.

  11. Annatto E Synergy: This form of vitamin E (tocotrienols) breaks down viral walls from the inside

  12. ProBioMed 50: Probiotics enhance the immune function of the GI tract


  1. Peptides: enhance tissue repair, found in good protein shakes. Can be found in HTN Supreme.

  2. Resveratrol: all around great antioxidant. Can be found in HTN Supreme.

  3. Garlic/allicillin: blocks virus from attaching to tissues

  4. Chondroitin: increases antibodies to type A blood type. Type A blood type is more prone to COVID, as they do not have these antibodies. Other blood types have A antibodies which reduce with age, possibly one of the things that make older individuals in general more likely to get more severe disease. NOTE: avoid glucosamine, which many times is combined with chondroitin.

  5. Fermented Soy: also raises A antibodies

  6. Brussel sprouts

  7. Leeks, shallots and onions: These contain lectins. Lectins are felt to enhance a part of immune reactions called the complement cascade. NOTE: Should be avoided in people with autoimmune problems

  8. Apples, oranges and grapefruit

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