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Have we found the fountain of youth?

I have heard so many times from patients, that “the golden years are not so golden”, and “don’t get old Doc”! In the world of conventional medicine, the focus is on medical events and crises. Treatment to prevent disease or deterioration, is actually not considered valid, nor “medically necessary”, according to Medicare and Insurance Company guidelines No wonder so many people believe that the symptoms, illnesses, and infirmity associated with getting older are inevitable.

In the world of Functional Medicine, we do not accept this.

We do not have to accept that as we get older, that we will become more and more unable to fully participate in life, and more dependent upon others for our well-being. Age Management Medicine is a sub-specialty of Functional Medicine, that pro-actively treats the aging process, hoping to slow, stop, and even reverse the so-called ravages of aging.

Most people are not aware of the daily deterioration that is occurring internally. By the time symptoms occur, serious problems already exist. Taking a Functional approach, and by placing our clients in one of our personalized Wellness Programs, we seek out and correct the underlying causes of disease. We are able to rapidly put the body back into chemical and hormonal balance through a combination of solid medical care, nutrition, exercise, stress management, and gently removing toxins from the body.

Once our bodies are balanced, many of our clients elect to proceed to direct treatments, such as Hormone Replacement Therapy. I became Certified in Age Management Medicine after two and one half years of study, and have been offering these treatments for the past seven years. Initially, this centered around proper bio-identical hormone therapy, equally important for both men and women.

Over the past few years, many studies have identified other supplements and treatments, that have been proven to reverse many of the biochemical and structural flaws associated with aging, including lengthening of Telomeres. For those not familiar with Telomeres, think of a pencil with an eraser at the tip. The telomere is the eraser, and over a period of time, in shortens and wears out, with use. The Telomere is the eraser tip of our chromosomes, and as we age, these shorten. This shortening is directly correlated with aging, and when they completely wear down, it is postulated that the cells can no longer function, and die.

In addition to lifestyle changes, removal of toxins from the body, and hormone replacement therapy, new supplements have been identified that can reverse the loss of telomere length, and actually lengthen out the telomeres, essentially making the cells younger! These “Peptides” are being shown to stabilize and reverse aging, improve our immune systems, and stop and reverse inflammatory conditions such as ulcers, Crohn’s Disease, wrinkles and bone loss, and possibly other autoimmune conditions such as arthritis.

While there remains much doubt by some clinicians, the study and treatment results are unquestioned.

There has been much written in the past regarding the risks of Hormone Replacement Therapy, mostly studies dating back decades, which cannot be applied to current day knowledge, treatments and regimens. For example, initial studies indicated a potential increase risk of breast cancer in women, but current studies indicate that bio identical estrogen may actually reduce the risk of breast cancer. Early studies indicated that testosterone might increase the risk of prostate cancer and heart attacks in men. Recent studies indicate the opposite: no relationship between testosterone treatment and prostate cancer, and men receiving testosterone have a lower death rate compared to untreated men, at every age level.

By scheduling a Wellness Evaluation, we can assess your level of health, and underlying issues, and recommend one of our Personalized Wellness Programs for you. Please visit our website, or call to speak to one of our health coaches (732 254-1003) for more information. You can learn more by attending one of my upcoming wellness chats - pre-register today by visiting:

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