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Functional Medicine - Why do I care?

One of the things that I frequently get asked is “what IS functional and integrative medicine?” I already mentioned that we are personalizing healthcare in a way that focuses on genetics, biochemistry and lifestyle of each patient to identify and truly correct the root cause of your individual concerns. But…what does that mean to you?

Simply put - Functional Medicine is an approach to the care of patients that takes into account the entire body. It seeks out the base cause of a disease or condition and focuses on correcting this, in order to cure and prevent chronic disease.

Functional Medicine uncovers all underlying biologic, structural, hormonal, chemical, and psychological malfunctions, and corrects all of these issues at the same time, in order to achieve true health, wellness and vitality. Too often, modern medicine focuses on symptoms and tries to relieve these. However, integrative physicians understand that, unless the root cause of a disorder is corrected, the conditions cannot be cured or controlled.

Integrative medicine looks at the entire person, and will utilize any method to get to, and cure, the issue causing the patient’s problems. This includes a comprehensive history and physical exam, blood work and other diagnostic testing, utilizing any other specialties that might improve the patient’s condition, including nutrition, exercise medicine and physical therapy, Chiropractic, acupuncture and massage, psychologic support and relaxation therapy, stress management, yoga, energy healing, hormone replacement treatment, supplements and natural treatment. Medicine is personalized further by the use of genetic testing, if indicated and other advanced laboratory and diagnostic techniques are utilized to arrive at a treatment plan designed for an individual, rather than for a diagnosis.

If you are interested in learning more about what functional medicine can do for you, please reach out to my team at (732) 254-1003 to register for one of my FREE upcoming wellness talks (

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