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Dr. Plumser's Diet Education Series: What is Weight Optimization?

It is estimated that 71-73% of Americans are obese or overweight, although only 30% of these people consider themselves overweight. Nutritional intervention should be the basis for all medical treatments that correct underlying medical problems. Being overweight predisposes to most disorders that afflict us: aging, heart disease and other circulation issues, liver problems, and cancer among others.

In general, most people will place themselves on a diet, which is a restrictive program that eventually is destined to fail, mainly because a so-called diet cannot be maintained. We approach obtaining optimal weight by altering lifestyle, requiring a combination of changing eating habits, and incorporating other healthy modalities. This includes a personalized exercise program.

Body weight is not the entire issue. We focus on body composition. This includes regular measurement of what makes up that body weight: body fat, body muscle, bone and water. These measurements are more important than weight alone, and by changing these proportions to optimal levels, true health can be obtained. As well, we regularly utilize the skills of specialized nutritionists to assist in this program.

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