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Dr. Plumser's Diet Education Series: General Weight Loss

Why do we need other means of weight loss?

Once we agree that being overweight leads to so many other medical problems, it is clear that maintaining a healthy weight is essential to health, well-being, and long life.

For may people, even comprehensive programs do not work. There are many choices that one may consider. These unfortunately include many procedures or surgeries that may be performed.

As a functional gastroenterologists, I prefer more natural treatments. I discuss serious surgeries such as gastric sleeve and gastric bypass as a last resort, as these are extreme measures that irreversibly alter the normal anatomy. Unfortunately, some people require these to lose weight, and in order to immediately stop serious problems, such as morbid obesity, hypertension and diabetes.

For those patients who do not respond to advanced nutritional intervention, exercise, and lifestyle coaching, we offer medical weight loss and temporary stomach procedures.

Our standard and most successful medical weight loss program focuses on transition to a healthy diet, along with other healthy lifestyle changes. This comprehensive program not only leads to successful weigh loss, but corrects other underlying medical issues at the same time. The programs are supervised by our team of physician, psychologist, and nutritionists. To this, supplements, and rarely, medications, can be added to assist in appetite reduction, and supplements may assist in stimulating metabolism as well.

Another successful technique is the placement of a balloon (see Orbera link on our website) into the stomach to essentially take up space, and reduce appetite. However, our Lifestyle programs are so successful that invasive techniques like this are only rarely required.

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