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The percentage of Americans who are currently overweight or obese. That is a fact. Sadly, only one third of these people even realize that they suffer from this chronic disease, which will make them vulnerable to so many other medical problems, including higher risk of contracting COVID and similar viruses.

If we can agree that being overweight leads to many other medical problems, we can likely also agree that maintaining a healthy weight is essential to health, well-being, and long life.


For many people, commercial diet and weight loss programs, even comprehensive programs, do not work.

Over 90% of people who enroll in and pay significant amounts

for these programs will fail.

Yes, many will initially lose weight, but either they will not lose enough to be healthy, or they yo-yo back up as soon as they stop. In addition to commercial programs, there are many other choices that the general population typically consider. Unfortunately, those options often include a variety of procedures or surgeries that may be performed.

With my patients, I discuss serious surgeries such as gastric sleeve and gastric bypass as a last resort, as these are extreme measures that irreversibly alter the normal anatomy. That's not to say that these procedures don't help -- rather, they shouldn't be considered a "one-size fits all" approach. Some specific groups of people do require these procedures to lose weight and to immediately stop serious problems, such as morbid obesity, hypertension and diabetes. The sad fact is that even after these surgeries, not everyone will lose enough weight to be considered healthy, and, 65% will regain all or most of their weight within 6-7 years.


As a functional gastroenterologist, I prefer more natural treatments whenever possible.

We can consider short term medical (medications) weight loss for some of our patients -- those who do not respond to advanced nutritional intervention, exercise and lifestyle coaching alone. We use medications as an adjunct to improving and helping people change their lifestyle, which is the only was to obtain long-term success.

I know that can sound a little scary...a new lifestyle?

Are you ready for that? Isn't that going to be hard?

Our standard and most successful medical weight loss program focuses on transition to a healthy diet, along with other healthy lifestyle changes. It focuses on building new and healthier habits that are sustainable. This comprehensive program not only leads to successful weight loss, but its main purpose is to correct other underlying medical issues at the same time.

Most people who come for one of our comprehensive consultations are not even aware of their underlying serious conditions -- they don't know why they feel the way they do or are facing challenges with their health. Our customized programs are not only created for the individual needs of each client, but they are supervised by our team -- which includes physician, health coach, psychologist, and nutritionist. This team approach leads to long-lasting changes and provides a reliable mentor -- which is proven to improve the likelihood of success.

To this, supplements and, rarely, medications, can be added to assist in appetite reduction, and supplements may assist in stimulating metabolism as well. Our Lifestyle programs are so successful that invasive techniques are only rarely required.


if you would like to discuss your unique needs with Dr. Plumser or find out about whether he can help, please call to schedule a free 15 minute consultation. In these wellness "discovery calls," Dr. Plumser will discuss your individual concerns and you will find out what our team can do for you.

As Dr. Oz has repeatedly stated, learn to be “Vital, not Vulnerable”,

and finally get healthy for life.

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