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Chronic inflammation and chronic disease

I have written and talked frequently about chronic disease and how it predisposes us to so many poor outcomes when it comes to quality of life. Chronic disease is a consequence of ongoing inflammation in the body. I have also discussed chronic stress both mentally and physically, and how it causes chronic inflammation, and therefore chronic disease.

When we take a functional approach to medicine and health, we search out the chronic underlying disorders, and their causes, and reverse these as part of our treatment. Of utmost importance is to stop the inflammation which gives us the chance to stop and reverse the chronic disease.

To do this there has to be a systematic approach to aid people through the corrections. For the most part these include comprehensive lifestyle changes which include proper and “clean” nutrition, efficient exercise, stress management, adequate hydration, rest/sleep, cleansing the body through scientifically based detoxification, and targeted but NOT excessive supplementation.

Our clients in our Elite program are taught how to accomplish all of these with the goal of achieving long term health and vitality. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary 15-minute discovery call with Dr. Plumser for him to speak with you directly in order to understand your health issues and advise how he and his Team at Elite can help you resolve these problems and achieve the quality of life you seek and deserve.

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