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Being Mindful While Eating

I recently had a client relate to me that he can’t control his portions, and frequently overeats, thus making his weight loss and dietary changes more difficult. Upon closer questioning, he really did not feel sensations of being full (satiety), and confused wanting more food (it tastes great!), with being hungry. While this is a hormonal/chemical condition that we correct during our lifestyle transformation programs, there are some easy methods to turn these gastrointestinal hormones on, and train the brain to react properly.

Mindfulness is a concept of “living in the moment”, pay attention to what you are doing and sensing. When enjoying a great day outdoors, truly enjoy your surroundings, look around and see, hear and smell everything around you.

Become mindful of the food you are consuming. Turn off electronics, including the television. Slow down and experience the appearance, smell, texture, and then taste. Pause and enjoy your surroundings and who you are with.

Mindful eating actually activates these hormones and the digestive process. The brain then recognizes satiety. Most frequently, this results in consuming less food, and therefore calories. If done on a regular basis, mindful eating can also signal to you the difference between hunger and thirst, make you aware of food cravings, stress eating, and how to control those.

So stop needing to undo your belt at the next holiday dinner, actually enjoy the food, and lose weight.

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