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National Nutrition Month 2019

Timing is everything! What better time to begin a healthy eating program than now, during National Nutrition Month 2019? Dr. Allan Plumser, leading Wellness Expert & Mentor, along with his Team of Experts can teach you how to make educated food choices along with creating lifestyle habits to help stop, prevent or reverse chronic health disorders. This month you can begin to Eat Healthy Live Healthy! The result… a reduction in pain, less belly fat, as well as an increase in energy and productivity.

We are a product of our environment, have our own genetic make-up and live a unique lifestyle. Where an individual is now, is based upon choices made. The good news is… you can start today to eat healthy, with the guidance of our Medical Doctor and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

So, let’s celebrate National Nutrition Month 2019 and follow some of these tips:

  • Variety: It is important to have a variety of foods from each food group on a daily basis. This helps to keep food from becoming boring and provides vital nutrients. Remember to eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables.

  • Serving Size: When a patient comes to our Center, education is vital. We will provide the serving sizes of food to be consumed. A ½ cup of cooked vegetables is 75 g (1 serving of vegetables), 1 medium apple is 150 g (1 serving of fruit), 1 slice wholegrain bread is 40 g (1 serving of grain), 80 g of cooked chicken (1 serving of lean meats) and 2 slices of hard cheese is 40 g (1 serving of milk, yogurt or cheese). Knowing what to eat and how much is crucial.

  • Make a List: Before you go to the supermarket, plan your meals for the next few days or week and make a list of what is needed. Purchase lean cuts of meat (no skin), fresh or frozen vegetables instead of canned and beware of hidden salt (especially in processed meats).

  • Elevated sugar in our foods can cause damage. It can lead to weight gain, visceral fat accumulation, as well as increasing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, a fatty liver and aging, to name a few.

  • Drink water and stay hydrated. Beware of hidden sugars in beverages.

  • Do not skip meals!

  • Read labels!

Whether you want to eat healthy to lose weight or eat healthy to eliminate pain and feel better, now is the time to start. At Elite Digestive and Integrative Healthcare, we evaluate your health history, stress level, and do a physical examination, fitness assessment, utilize unique blood testing and genetic testing, along with a nutritional evaluation to customize a wellness program to promote good health and help prevent chronic disease. Call today and schedule a consultation. Eat Healthy Live Healthy!

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