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4 Signs That You Can Benefit from Functional Medicine

I meet with new clients daily, in order to address their health issues.

I have found that most of these potential clients do not realize they are suffering from FOUR problems that need to be resolved, no matter what their actual symptoms may be.

These problems are:

  1. Most people don’t know how to take care of their health and the little knowledge they have is likely from unreliable sources such as “Dr. Google” and other internet sites. No matter what their diagnoses may be.

  2. Most Americans have terrible health habits, which over time, worsen their overall conditions.

  3. Most people don’t know why they are sick, and many times do not even realize that they are sick as they are victims of our broken health care system. Very little, if any meaningful testing has been offered to them and their doctors’ diagnoses have been inconclusive, and incomplete. Despite the fact that they are not getting better, and experiencing progressive chronic illness, they continue on this path. For the most part, the diagnoses and treatments offered are frequently guesses followed by ineffective prescriptions.

  4. They are not being treated for the actual root causes of disease. For years, doctors have been squeezed by the health care system, governed by absurd governmental regulations, and dominated by insurance companies. This unfortunately is not under a doctor’s control, forcing physicians into short and impersonal visits, resulting in treatments based upon symptoms, rather than on the true underlying conditions that are causing the symptoms.

These four common problems can be difficult to recognize and also can be seen as four signs that YOU can benefit from functional medicine.

  1. Most people don’t know how to take care of their health (You find taking care of your health to be confusing or frustrating)

  2. Most Americans have terrible health habits (You are unsure which healthy habits to implement into your own life)

  3. Most people don’t know why their sick (Even after making lifestyle/ medicinal changes, you are still feeling sick)

  4. They are not being treated for the actual root causes of disease (You are managing symptoms instead of fixing the actual problem)

Any one of these problems is frustrating enough, but with all four combined, PLUS the actual illness itself, it’s no wonder that both patient and doctor are frustrated.

Luckily, I know the secret to truly helping our clients to get healthy, and to address all of these challenges.

The secret is individual CUSTOMIZED PROGRAMS.

FIND CLARITY TODAY: Book a 15 minute COMPLIMENTARY discovery call with Dr. Plumser today

Can’t wait to kickstart your health journey?

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